Professional Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal Service

Virus & Malware Recovery

Nothing can disable a computer quicker than a virus or spyware, and it can come without you even realizing it. You click a link or make what you think is a harmless download, and next thing you know, your computer becomes inundated with pop-up ads, or you find yourself redirected to another site.

Those are just the minimal effects of spyware. More severe malware attacks can result in a compromise of your personal information – for example, your bank account, credit card, or social security numbers. Or even worse, it could cause your hard drive to crash. In any event, you could end up having to spend hundreds, if not thousands, to get your life back in order.

Those are all worst-case scenarios, but still things to consider. If you find yourself at the mercy of a virus, count on Ozark Computer Clinic to come to the rescue! We will remove any viruses or malware infesting your system, and help you keep your home or office computer(s) safe from any future attacks. In addition, our certified professionals can come to your home and help set up anti-virus software that acts as a barrier from any outside attacks. They also offer various tips that can help you keep yourself from becoming a victim of any attacks or scams.

Tech Support Scam Recovery

What if you fell for a pop-up or e-mail claiming to be from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon or Any Other Mainstream Site and were tricked into installing remote software allowing scammers gain access to your computer and all your data/passwords? No problem, our Microsoft & Comptia Certified Technicians can help remove the software the scammers installed and inform you if they were successful in obtaining any of your personal information.

Comprehensive Cyber-Security Education

Not only will we help get you back up and running within a timely manner, (in most cases, the same day), we will provide you with pamphlets & printouts of the latest cyber-security tips along with tips on how to detect these types of threats. Rest assured that we stay current with all the latest scam techniques and give you tools to keep you protected

Robust & Effective Virus Protection

We also have optional antivirus protection software from the leaders in EndPoint Protection, Trellix (Formally McAfee). We can install Trellix Endpoint Protection for you (additional software licensing charges apply) at the time of the virus removal so you do not have to do anything extra to get top of the line Business Grade Antivirus. We are so confident in Trellix that if you purchase a 1 year license of Trellix from us at the time of the Virus Removal Service, we will install/update it for you and we will also upgrade your Virus Free Warranty from 90 days to 1 full year! (Software needs to be purchased & installed by Ozark Computer Clinic to receive warranty upgrade)

Contacts us for more details on our Endpoint Protection.

90 Day Virus Free Warranty

Backed by our 90 Day Virus Free Warranty, you can be assured that Computer Clinic has your back. It is not too uncommon for you not to know where the virus is coming from (most viruses install behind your back from emails, pop-ups and compromised web sites) and for computers to get reinfected immediately after a virus removal service has been performed. This is where Ozark Computer Clinic shines above the rest, if you feel you have another virus within our 90 day Virus Free Warranty period or if you feel that we had missed a virus, simply return your computer to our office and we will repeat the process, no questions asked!

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